We help you reach maximum performance through a new form of consultation: «training advisory». In addition to proposing solutions, we share the method and experience that we used in arriving to them. Our main services are:

We assess the intrinsic value of digital heritage through its activities, technologies and human resources.


We map out a digital transformation path by taking into account our client’s ability to implement the strategy in the context of the field in which they operate.


We walk you through and help you understand your company’s evolution by supporting and transferring knowledge of the tools required to manage the change.

Our client’s objectives are part of our work ethic.
We share a common vision and passion in seeking out opportunities for growth in our ever-changing world.

We assist you in assessing and understanding the necessary tools for realizing the maximum «digital» potential of your initiatives.

Digital Maturity Assessment

  • Digital due diligence
  • Analytics assessment
  • Customer journey assessment

Digital Strategy

  • Contact strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Tool & Development Strategy

Operational advisory

  • Team tutoring
  • Augmented staff
  • C-Level Advisory & Board membership